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The Role of Solenoid Valves In Filtration Systems & Water Treatment Equipment

The Role of Solenoid Valves In Filtration Systems & Water Treatment Equipment

Filtration plays a vital role in various industries, ensuring the removal of impurities and contaminants from fluids. Solenoid valves have emerged as crucial to optimize filtration, enabling precise control and automation. In this blog post, we will explore how solenoid valves are used in filtration and water treatment systems, which of our valves are suitable, their key benefits, and their impact on enhancing efficiency.

Solenoid valves designed for water treatment equipment and filtration systems offer a slew of benefits which are outlined below.

Controlling Flow and Pressure:

Solenoid valves are critical components in regulating the flow and pressure of water and other fluids in filtration and water treatment systems. These valves act as on-off switches, providing precise control over the passage of water through various stages of the treatment process. By adjusting the flow and pressure, solenoid valves ensure optimal filtration efficiency and maintain consistent water quality.

Chemical Feed and Dosing:

Solenoid valves facilitate precise chemical feed and dosing in water treatment systems. By controlling the flow of chemical additives, such as disinfectants or pH adjusters, solenoid valves enable accurate and consistent dosing. This ensures that the desired water treatment process, such as disinfection or pH correction, is effectively carried out, maintaining water quality and safety.

Process Automation and Control:

Solenoid valves, with their electrical control capabilities, enable automation and remote control in filtration and water treatment systems. These valves can be integrated with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or central control systems to enable scheduled operations, data monitoring, and alarm functions. Solenoid valves provide the flexibility to automate and optimize the entire water treatment process, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort.

System Protection and Safety:

Solenoid valves offer system protection and safety features in filtration and water treatment applications. They can be equipped with fail-safe mechanisms to prevent water leakage, overpressure, or overheating. Additionally, solenoid valves provide emergency shut-off capabilities, enabling quick response in case of system malfunctions or emergencies, safeguarding the equipment, and preventing potential damage.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

By providing precise control and automation, solenoid valves contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings in filtration and water treatment systems. These valves ensure that water flow and dosing operations are optimized, minimizing wastage and reducing energy consumption. The ability to automate processes also reduces labor costs and increases operational efficiency, leading to long-term cost savings.

Our selection of solenoid valves from ODE provides complete coverage for filtration and water treatment applications. We want to emphasize the 31AN2 series of solenoid valves from ODE, which are specifically designed to regulate the flow of water treatment equipment. These valves are crucial to ensure the proper functioning of any water treatment system.

ODE's 31AN2 series valves are a reliable and versatile solution designed for water treatment equipment and filtration systems. The 31AN2 series valves are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and resistance to harsh operating conditions. The valve body is made from durable brass, providing excellent structural integrity. This robust construction makes the valves suitable for use in demanding environments where reliability is paramount.

One of the key features of the 31AN2 series valves is their flexibility in terms of configuration options. These valves are available in various sizes, ranging from 1/8" to 2" NPT, allowing for compatibility with different piping systems. The valve options include normally closed (NC) and universal (U) configurations.

The 31AN2 series valves are designed for efficient and precise control of fluid flow. They feature a direct-acting design, allowing for quick response and accurate modulation of flow rates. 

Delivering a high-pressure rating, typically up to 232 psi, ensuring reliable operation even in demanding industrial settings. The valves also have a wide operating temperature range, enabling them to perform consistently across different temperature environments, which is a crucial element in ensuring optimal performance for water treatment equipment. 

In addition to their robust construction and precise control, the 31AN2 series valves offer ease of installation and maintenance. They are designed for straightforward installation, with threaded connections that ensure secure and leak-free connections to the piping system. The valves are also easy to maintain, with simple disassembly and access to internal components for cleaning or repairs. Our company provides a range of repair kits specifically designed for our ODE valves. This ensures that any necessary repairs to your valve can be carried out with ease and efficiency.

ODE's 31AN2 series valves have gained a reputation for their reliability, performance, and versatility in various industrial applications. Whether it's in pneumatic systems, water treatment, industrial automation, or other fluid control applications, these valves provide the assurance of efficient and precise operation.

Looking to try something new? To make it easier for you, we've included a chart below with the corresponding part numbers for series 31AN2 from ODE that can replace original equipment manufacturers like ASCO, Parker, and Burkert. We hope this helps in your search for the perfect valve.

Don't jeopardize your equipment or operations by settling for sub-par products and parts. Trust us to supply you with exceptional products that delivery unparalleled reliability and performance. Check out our ODE 31AN2 series today! Click here to shop and view our selection of top-notch valves designed and optimized for water treatment equipment and filtration systems.


For more information about the technical specifications of the valve, we offer easily accessible data sheets in PDF format to our customers. You can locate these data sheets on the product listing page under the section labeled "Technical Specifications."

In conclusion, solenoid valves have proven to be indispensable components in modern filtration and water treatment systems. Their ability to offer precise control, automation, and system protection, as well as regulate flow, enable automatic backwashing, and facilitate chemical dosing, contributes to the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of these systems. By incorporating solenoid valves, industries can achieve higher filtration efficiency, improved product quality, and increased operational reliability while enhancing the performance, longevity, and safety of their processes. Embrace the power of solenoid valves and unlock the full potential of your filtration and water treatment applications.

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