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How Solenoid Valves Function in the Plumbing Industry: A Closer Look at Essential Components - Hydronics Depot Inc.

How Solenoid Valves Function in the Plumbing Industry: A Closer Look at Essential Components

Valves constitute as an indispensable component within any plumbing system, fulfilling essential functions to ensure optimal performance such as pressure and temperature control. They serve a critical purpose in regulating fluid flow, making them ubiquitous in a wide range of applications, from residential to industrial environments. systems.
In this article, we will explore the various types of valves used in the plumbing industry and their specific applications, and showcasing their significance in delivering reliable water management solutions.

The diversity of valves corresponds to their specific purposes. For instance, ball valves are adept at regulating water flow in pipes, while butterfly valves excel at controlling fluid pressure. Meanwhile, gate valves find common usage in opening or closing pipes to manage the flow of fluids.

Regardless of their intended application, the overarching goal of valves is to facilitate the optimal operation of plumbing systems. Functional plumbing systems are indispensable for both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring sanitary conditions and catering to the needs of occupants and patrons.

In residential settings, valves are employed to regulate water flow to fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and showers. In industrial environments, they are pivotal in controlling the flow of liquids or gases within process piping. Additionally, valves are instrumental in isolating specific sections of piping for maintenance or repair purposes.

By maintaining appropriate pressure levels within plumbing systems, valves prevent pipes from bursting due to the force of moving fluids. Moreover, they act as safeguards against backflow, a phenomenon that can contaminate clean water supplies and pose significant health hazards.

Regardless of the valve type, each plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient fluid transport within plumbing systems. Furthermore, valves aid in maintaining fluid pressure and temperature, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of the plumbing network. Without the installation of valve, the underlining functioning of plumbing systems would be compromised, affecting the movement of water and other fluids throughout buildings and homes.

  • Ball Valves:

    One of the most common types of valves used in plumbing, ball valves feature a spherical disc with a hole in the center. The position of the hole determines the flow of water. Ball valves are highly versatile and can be operated with a simple 90-degree turn of the handle. Their quick on/off action and low resistance to flow make them ideal for shut-off applications and rapid water flow control in plumbing systems.

  • Knife Gate Valves:

    Gate valves are known for their ability to provide a full flow path when fully open, minimizing pressure drop. They use a flat plate or "gate" that moves up and down to control water flow. Gate valves are commonly used in applications where unrestricted flow is required, such as large water lines and fire sprinkler systems. However, they are not suitable for regulating water flow, as they are typically operated in either fully open or fully closed positions.
  • Globe Valves:

    Globe valves are excellent for precise flow regulation. They feature a disc or plug that moves up and down to control the flow by varying the size of the opening. Globe valves are commonly used in applications that require fine-tuning, such as faucets and shower controls. Their ability to provide precise flow control makes them essential in plumbing systems where water pressure adjustments are necessary.

  • Solenoid Valves

    Solenoid valves are another critical asset for piping and plumbing systems that offer robust fluid control over fluids such as water and oil. Our collection of solenoid valves from ODE focus on reliability and delivering high degrees of efficiency. Built with durability in mind, ODE’s 21WN series of valves can ensure optimal performance in several applications. Built with high quality brass, these valves come available in sizes from 3/8” - 2” and boast a high flow rate to accommodate any application within the plumbing industry. 

  • We have many other options to ensure optimal performance and improve efficiency. Series 21EN and 21AN4 are also exceptional selections for driving increased productivity and experiencing unparalleled reliability. 



Valves are the backbone of the plumbing industry, facilitating efficient water control, pressure regulation, and back-flow prevention. From ball valves for quick on/off control to gate valves for full flow paths, globe valves for precise regulation and solenoid valves for reliable fluid control, each type serves a specific purpose in plumbing systems. 

These essential valve types contribute to the smooth functioning and reliability of plumbing systems, safeguarding water supply and conserving this precious resource. As technology advances, the plumbing industry continues to innovate, creating more efficient and sustainable valves to meet the demands of modern plumbing solutions.

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